Day Six

Thyatira Church
Pergamum Red Church
Pergamum Church
Aesculapium or Healing Center
Healing Center

Thyatira was famous for purple dyes and Jezebel.  An ancient temple was here and the location of one of the 7 churches.
Pergamum was also a location of one of the 7 churches. It included an Altar of Zeus and a Trajan Temple.  The amphitheater is/was the steepest theater of all theaters.  Awesome view. 
A healing center was in the neighborhood and was called an Aesculapium.  It was known for it's high successful rate of cures using underground rooms with music to aid in the healing.    

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Column Thyatira
Thyatira column
Thyatira alleyway
Thyatira alleyway
Thyatira Church
Thyatira Church

For more information regarding Thyatira
 Message to Thyatira - Revelation 2:18
Text to the 7 Churches - Including Thyatira

Two Buses meet Red Basilicia, Pergamum Red Basilicia

For more information regarding the Red Basilica
, Pergamum
Message to Pergamum - Revelation 2:12
Text to the 7 Churches - Including Pergamum

Altar of Zeus
Altar of Zeus at Pergamum
Scripture reading
Scripture reading
Pergamum Slope
Walk the slope
Pertgmum Theater
Pergamum Theater
Pergamum Seating
Good seats
Acropolis Arches
Temple Acropolus
Carving Detail
Stone Detail 
Temple of Trajan
Trajan Temple

For more information regarding Pergamum

Aesculapium Road
Asklepion Road
Aesculapium Pillar
Healing Center
Visitors to the Aesculapium
Our Medical Crew
Entry to the Aesculapium
Entry to lower level

Stairs to upper level
Healing level
Flowers on the wall
Pretty Flowers
at the Spa
Pergamum from the Medical Center
Trajan Temple from the Medical Center

For more information regarding Asklepion

Alexandria Troas
Alexandria Troas
from the road.