Day 6
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Mark Scott's Devotion 41 A devotion from the bus talking about "Pillars" and their significance.
Tansu Thyatira 44 Tansu talks about Thyatira
Thyatira alleyway

Mark Moore in Thyatira
45 Mark Moore's lesson in regarding Thyatira in scripture. 
This is Lydia's home town mentioned in
Acts and it is one of the 7church locations mentioned in Revelation. 
Mark Moore 46 A lesson while on the bus ... Nine points about Scripture and Tradition.
Pergamum Red Church

Tansu Pergamum
47 The road to ancient Pergamum could be considered a "thrill ride".  The busses come so close that
hand shakes could be accomplished.  A stop is made to take the picture at the left.
This city site is also mentioned in Revelation as one of the 7 churches. 
Altar of Zeus
Tansu -
Altar of  Zeus
48 Tansu speaks at the Altar of Zeus.
Mark Moore 49 Mark Moore's Lessons on "Real Places" mentioned by Jesus in Revelation. 
Pertgmum Theater
Pergamum Theater
50 Tansu's lecture at the Pergamum Theater
Mark Scott Devotion 51 "The Application of Christian Service " 
Acropolis Arches
Tansu and arches
52 A walk though the underlying arches holding up the temple platform.
Tansu and Trajan Temple 53 Tansu describes the Trajan Temple acropolis of Pergamum.
Aesculapium Pillar

Tansu at Asclepion Pillar
54 A Pergamum Medical Center with a unique promise to it's patients.
Mark Moore 55 Medicine is important to Christians ... Luke was a physician.

Tansu Inside the Spa
56 The Medical Spa at Pergamum is down the hill from the temple Acropolis.
It was largely underground with the sound of running water and music in the halls and healing rooms.
Mark Moore & Paul at Troas 57 On the road a quick stop is made at a tourist stop to view Alexandria Troas where Paul had his vision to go into Macedonia.  Acts 16