Day Four
Sardes Temple of Diana
Temple of Artemis
Group Picture at Sardes
Sardis Synagogue
Purple Jack in Pulpit
Interesting Flower

Day 4

Izmir - Site of Polycarp's death and the church on location.
Sardes - Visit the Temple of Artemis, a 3rd Century Byzantine Church, Restored Synagogue and Gymnasium.
Alasehir (Philadelphia) - See the remains of the city gates and site of a church.
Colossea - On the schedule, but skipped due to weather. 
Laodicea - A city gate, mostly unexcavated. 

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Ismir church 
Site - Polycarp's death
Long walk to Temple
Long walk to Temple
Temple of Artemis
Temple of Artemis

For more information about the St. Polycarp Church, in Izmir, Turkey
For more information about Sardis
Message to Smyrna - Revelation 2:8
Text to the 7 Churches - including Smyrna

Temple, just looking around
Looking around
Temple of Artemis lesson
Tansu explains
Mark M explains
Mark has a look

For more information about the Temple of Artemis - 334 B.C.

Byzantine church
3rd Century Church
Mark S & Mark M
Two Marks at church
Outside church
Outside view

Byzantine Church
Message to Sardis - Revelation 3:1
Text to the 7 churches - Including Sardis

Latrine next to gym
Gymnasium from the left entry
Gymnasium / School
Gym Practice Field
Practice Field/courtyard

History of Sardis including the Roman Baths & Gym

Synagogue Entryway
Synagogue Entryway
Inside Synagogue
Synagogue floor
Circumcision Altar
Circumcision Altar

For more information about the Sardis Synagogue - 3rd century A.D.

Philadelphia, both gate pillars
Philadelphia Archway
Philadelphia structure under ground
Buried Structure
Another view
Another view

For more information regarding Philadelphia
Message to Philadelphia - Revelation 3:7
Text to the 7 Churches - including Philadelphia

Laodicea Top of Gate arch
Laodicea Arch buried
Laodicea Group picture
Sitting on an arch
Colessea from Laodicea\
Colossae in distance

For more information regarding Laodicea
Message to Laodicea - Revelation 3:14
Text to the 7 Churches - including Laodicea

A day of archeology at its best.