Day Eight
 Philippi - Location of Paul's Prison
Philippi - Prison
Via Egnatia
Philippi - Via Egnatia
Thessalonica Walls
Thessaloniki City Walls

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Philippi Theater
Philippi Theater

Philippi Basilica
Greek Basilica
3 Aisle church
Ancient Philippi
Cross on stone
Cross from the church area
Traditional Prison
Traditional Prison
Set into hill with front of building missing.
Prison of Paul???
Acts: 16:23
Traditional location.
Others say no.
Philippi structure Philippi Forum area
Acts: 16:19 - 22
Forum Philippi location of Paul & Silas Beating
Location of Paul & Silas beating. - Forum
Mark and Josh Moore Forum
Josh and Mark
Ancient Philippi
Basilica B pillars in the back.
Possible game board
Game Board?
at Forum location.
Via Egnatia Highway
Via Egnatia
Church of Paul
Octagon Basilica -
Church of St. Paul
Aprox 313 AD.

Church of St. Paul

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Lydia's Sign
Acts 16:14-15
Philippi Worship Service
Ladies Communion at
Worship Service
Amphipolis Lion
Acts 17: 1
Amphipolis Lion Greece
Paul would have seen this on his travels.
Amphipolis Lion
Mark is at the step.  Note size of monument.
Apollonia Sign
Apollonia Sign
Acts 17:1
Lynn preaching in Apollonia, Greece
Lynn speaking at Apollonia site
Apollonia Structure
Apollonia structure.
Church ???
Thessaloniki, Greece ancient wall
Ancient Wall
Thessaloniki, Greece
Thessaloniki tower
Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki Greece
Alexander the Great
in Thessaloniki

Mark speaks on Alexander the Great in the Day's Videos
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