Day One - 2009

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Day One - Chicago

The trip started for all with an early rise and making ones way to Chicago to the International Airport O-Hare, except of course, those who had arrived the day before and could easily be at the airport by 12:30 pm.

Mark M. met us as we came into the international concourse.  International is detached from the main concourse.  There is no option to walk or take a cart to that location.  So for those on foot ... climb the stairs or take the elevator and find the train.   As I mumbled to myself, I don't have a clue where I'm going ... the person next to me kindly asked where I was going and then said, "I'm going that way, just follow me."  It's true, for all the signs pointing this way and that, there seemed to be great confusion.  A familiar face was greatly welcomed.  Our great leader of adventure had been found.

Mark had found a room that gave us some privacy.  A collection of people were coming together for a joint purpose.  To learn more about the Apostle Paul and see the locations of the churches mentioned in Revelation and more.  

The flight would take 9 - 10 hours from our departure time of 3:00 pm.  Dinner was served and the windows covered fairly shortly after take off.  Darkness invited sleep that was difficult to obtain.  But morning would come sooner than expected.  Breakfast was served prior to leaving the plane.  The body clock said midnight - one o'clock.  But for those in Rome the day was well underway.  It was time to set the watches and be ready for day two when we landed in Rome.     


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