Day Three

Spice Bzaar Candy
Spice Market Candies
Hippodrome Fountain
Hippodrome Fountain
Blue Mosque Gate
Gate to Blue Mosque

Day 3

The first full day in Istanbul was filled with awesome wonders.

1. The Spice Bazaar is like no mall we have in the US. 
2.  The Hippodrome is filled with archaeology and history.
3.  The Blue Mosque is beautiful and serene.  As an old structure, it is 1000 years younger than the Aya Sophia. 
4.  The Aya Sophia Church is unique and can not be replicated.  It was the location of the 5th Council of Churches. 
5.  The Church of Chora is unprecedented for it's murals.

And a plane trip to the continent of Asia (Minor) and the city of Izmir. 

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Spice Market
Spice Bazaar
Shop Spice Market
Dried Meat
Spice Market door way
Spice Bazaar 1597-1664

For more information about the Egyptian Spice Bazaar

Carving under Obelisk
Base of Obelisk
Egyptian Oblisk
Theodosius Obelisk ...
Obelisk sign 
It was old when moved.

For more information about the Byzantine Hippodrome

Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
Inside Blue Mosque
Inside Blue Mosque
Dome in Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque Dom e

For more information about the Blue Mosque

Aya Sophia
Aya Sophia
Aya Sophis Sanctuary
Aya Sophia Sanctuary
Mosaic Mary Jesus
One of many mosaics

For more information about Aya Sophia

Church of Chora
Church of Chora
Church of Chora Inside
Mosaics and Murals
Church of Chora Inside
Inside restoration

For more information about the Church of Chora

Five sites in one busy day.  It was just the beginning!!!