Pictures of the people on the Journey's of Paul Tour
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Mark M Mark Ma Mark M Linda  Mark M
Frank M Carole and Frank Carole and Frank  Frank
Carole M Carole and Frank   Carole M
Noah D Noah D Noah D Noah and Mark M
Jordan W Jordan W  Jordan with others  Jordan W 
Don H Don H Don H Don H
Nadine H Except for the groups.
I just couldn't find her.
She was not even found on her own camera. 
Jeaneane C Jeaneane  Jeaneane and Janette Jeaneane & Janette 
Janette F JanetteF  Janette and Jeaneane with the Moores and Si  Janette and Jeaneane
Ryan R Ryan R Ryan R Ryan  R
Joe E Joe and Josh Joe and Mark M Joe
Breann M Breann M  Breann M Breann M 
Jara M Jara M Breann & Jara  Jara 
Sasha G Sasha, Mark, Mark, Noah Sasha  Sasha
Carol W Carol Sasha & Carol Carol W
Carlos R Carlos Susana Susana and Carlos Carlos
Susana D Susana and Teri Susana Robin Teri Becky Carlos and Susana
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