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Ref. # Day Title Tour contents regarding "More Walking in the Foosteps of Paul"
from Home (Tarsus) to Rome.
1 1
Introduction - Chris Dewelt
Introduction of the Trip and his personal history - Chicago Airport
2 2 Atahan and the bus
   Bus Ride
From the Airport to the hotel in Antioch, Turkey

This video is mostly first views out the window with
a little explanation near the end.
3 3 Sarcophagus or Flesh Eater 
Antioch Museum, Part One
Atahan explains the history of the area and what is in the museum and the sarcophagus we are standing by.  Mark Moore also has some comments about the "flesh eater."
4 3 Two lions
Antioch Museum, Part Two
A walk through the museum.  Note: there is a lot of noise on the sound track due to the amount of people in the museum.  And the rooms were large so there is some echo.  :-(   Sorry. 
5 3 Church of St. Peter, Antioch, Turkey
Church of St. Peter
Atahan explains the history of The Church of St. Peter in Antioch, Turkey.
6 3 Inside Chruch of St. Peter
Why is Antioch so Important?
Inside The Church of St. Peter at Antioch, Mark Moore explains why Antioch is so important to Christianity.  Chris Dewelt explains the Missionary movement.
7 3 St. Paul's Well sign
Saul of Tarsus
Mark Moore talks about Saul of Tarsus and the Apostle Paul at the "Well of St. Paul" in Tarsus, Saul's home town.
8 3 Chris and Mark at the well
Some fun at the "Well of St. Paul"
A guide draws water from the well for a taste, finger dip, etc.
9 3 Atahan
A call to Prayer

A bus ride - lesson
Atahan talks about Prayer in Turkey
10 3 Atahan and the Turkish Flag
Life in Turkey 
A bus ride - lesson
Atahan talks about living in Turkey.  Ceremonies ... etc. 
11 3
Citizenship - A bus ride

Mark Moore - What Citizenship meant to the Apostle Paul.
12 3 Mountains outside of Tarsus
A bus ride
A short clip of Turkish mountains out the window.  On the way to Cappadocia. 
13 4 Balloon Equipment
Hot Air Balloon Ride - Part 1
Very early in the morning - From the hotel to liftoff
14 4 From our viewpoint
Hot Air Balloon Ride - Part 2
Flying in the sky of Cappacocia
15 4 Celebration
Hot Air Balloon Ride - Part 3
The final five minutes of flying, an upright, great landing, dropping the balloon
and our Celebration!!!

Note:  for safety sake for actual landing, the camera was shut off as we crouched as far down in the basket as we could.    


Bus ride through Cappadocia from the Hotel to the Museum of Zelve

An awesome ride through landscape like no other anywhere
else on earth.

Whole communities lived in carved cities out of the stone formations. 
17 4 Introduction
Introduction to the
site as a whole.

Atahan discusses the Zelve Museum

Introduction of the site before we start walking.
More onsite history of geology.
18 4 Zelve Museum site

Part 1
of the walking tour

Zelve Tour - Part One

The walk begins,  first explaining why some of the structures no longer have outside walls.  
19 4 mosque

Part 2
of the walking tour

Zelve Tour - Part Two

Visiting a mosque and singing one of the Psalms
20 4 Kitchen


Zelve Tour, we are seeing a stable, then a  kitchen and discussing cooking
21 4 Holy Cross Church


Zelve Tour -  Atahan visits about the mosques and churches
in this community and area.
22 4 Darlk Church


Zelve Tour -  Inside a church.
Conversations regarding:  Community, the Call from God, Communion, Baptism
23 4 Carpet factory weaving room

Weaving Room
We are visiting a carpet factory and seeing how they die their silk and wool , how they make silk thread
from the silk worm cocoons.  We  see how they make the carpets and tapistries and have an opportunity to purchase.
24 4 Pottery store fron

Pottery Store

At a pottery shop, Atahan gives a demonstration of the art of "throwing a pot". 
And a view of some of the wonderful items that they makeat this site. 
25 5 On the road

Bus ride to
Pisidian Antioch.
On the bus to Pisidian Antioch.
A long trip near the ancient path .
26 5 On the road

Chris Devotion
We continue our ride
Chris gives a devotion from Acts 14
27 5 Ata Han tells about Posidian Antioch

Pisidian Antioch Theater
Atahan tells about the area and
the theater.
28 5 Mark's Lecture

Mark's Lecture
Why is this area important?

29 5 Basilica of Paul

A view from the top.
The Basilica at Pisidian Antioch
St. Paul.
Continue the walk in the rain.
30 5 Back on the road

Back on the road
Atahan tells a story
and Mark tells ... "The rest of the story."
Acts 14
31 5 Pamukkale at the pond

Arrival at
After more than 12 hours on the bus and in Pisidian Antioch we reach Pamukkale.

An awesome mineral formation like no other.
More to come at this location tomorrow.
32 6 Hierapolis Street

the cemetary
Atahan begins his tour at the
city cemetary and explains the
various types of tombs and burials
33 6 Latrine

More of the cemetary, Roman Bath House
and the latrines. 
34 6 Fountain

A little fountain
Atahan talks of water sources and games.
35 6 Travertine Pools

Warm toes.
Shoes off and a walk through the
Hierapolis hot springs travertine pools.

Last night's swimming pool was heated with
these waters.  
36 6 Theater

Grand seats
Atahan talks abou the theater
at Hierapolis. 
37 6 Laodicea entrance

Up the
temple steps
Laodicea  ... Atahan explains it's history
38 6 Artifacts through the glass floor
The temple ...
Through the
glass floor.
Chris has his devotion from this spot.
Kevin explains metaphors
Song, "Something About that Name".
39 6 The business district of Sardis

Sardis Business
Walking the streets of Sardis
Atahan explains Sardis in the Synagogue
40 6 Mosaic floor of the Sardis synagogue

Marks Lecture in the Synagogue
41 6 Sardis Gymnasium
Very nice reconstruction of the Gymnasium
Mark and Chris in military battle
Sardis Gymnasium
a military training center.
Mark and Chris practice.
42 6 Sardis Temple of Artemis

Temple explained
Sardis ... we have moved to the
Temple of Artemis
Atahan and Mark both speak
43 6 The altar at the Temple of Artemis

At the altar area
of the temple
Exploring and walking the temple area.
Questions answered.
44 6 Church at the Back of the Temple of Artemis

Some music in
this tiny
Excerp from 42  regarding the church.
A song
45 7 Mary
Up this
mountain road
to the site.
Bus trip up the hill from Ephesus to
Mary's house.  Atahan explains what
is to be seen.
46 7 House of Mary, mother of Jesus

"House of Mary"
Back on the bus, Mark answers the question...
"When did John bring Mary to Ephesus?"
47 7 Basilica of St. John - Ephesus

Basilica of
St. John

Atahan at the Basilica of St. John in
48 7 One pillar left of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus

and Storks
Mark and Chris explains the importance
of Ephesus, it biblical history and how things change. 
49 7 Baptistry in the Basilica of St. John, Ephesus

of St. John
Atahan explains the baptistry ...

Everyone walks through for a special moment.
50 7 No 50 Video.   
51 7 Ancient Ephesus
City life,
water source,
to begin with.
The beginning of our day at Ephesus.
Atahan will have much to say as we
walk the streets of this important place to Paul.
52 7 Ephesus Odion

History lesson
Atahan and Ephesus history
at the governmental Odion
where officials could speak.
53 7 Ephesus ruins

Along the main street of Ephesus
Goddesses, Columns and Tombs.
54 7 Celsus Library

A favorite place

The site of what most represents Ephesus when pictures are shown. 
The Celsus Library
55 7 Ephesus Agora ... Market Place

You could  do
your shopping here.
The Agora or market place and
the walk to the Theater.
56 7 Ephesus Theater

The largest
theater to be seen.
Mark and Chris ...
Acts 19:21, the famous riot. 
... Paul and the story of this Theater that could hold 25 thousand people. 
57 8 Rain clouds
On the bus and the first lessons of the day.
A new day and Mark talks about shipwrecks and Chris talks about ... "hello and goodbye."
58 8 View out a taxi window
Our view out the
taxi cab window.  What a ride.
A rainy ride up the mountain
59 8 Inscription
It's all Greek to us...really means something here.
Reading Pergamum inscriptions and Atahan explains the Trajan Temple
60 8 Under the temple mount
Puddles and more puddles
to make our way past.
Under the Temple mount
Arches reflect how large the site is.
What are the rooms under the platform used for?
61 8 Pergamum theater in the side of a mountain
Slippery when wet!!

Just ask Eleanor, Ouch. 
The theater which is set entirely in the side of the mountain and is considered to be the steepest.
62 8 Location of the former Temple of Zeus

A tree marks the site.
Mark takes over for Atahan at the former
Temple of Zeus of which is now in Germany.

Atahan is taking Eleanor to a local hospital for
an e-xray of her wrist
63 8 Asklepion, Pergamum, Turkey

Streets, snakes and other stuff.
Mark continues the tour at the
Pergamum Asklepion or medical center,
below the acropolus.
64 8 Theater with white stones

The rain is out of
site ... sun glasses
needed here.
Asklepion Theater
Chad talks of "white stone."
65 8 Mark at the sleeping chamber entrance

A vocal demonstration.
The Asklepion Sleeping chambers is largely underground
and featured the sounds of running water and violin music.
66 8 Medical Center

A healing time.
Asklepion Medical Center
A prayer for those who are ill and our
lovely "lady" Eleanor.
67 8 Acts Timeline On the bus ... Mark gives the dates for Acts timeline.
68 8 On the beach at Troas

From here to there, Paul.
Mark talks of Troas and Paul.
Acts 15 & 16
69 8 Beach fun at Troas

Fun in the sun(set).
Troas and some beach fun
70 9 A Devotion Bus ride... Christ talks about Troas and Paul
71 9 On the Ferry

Across the
Dardanelles Straight
Ferry Ride ... Soviet submarine, jelly fish, friends,
what you expect on a ferry ride.  :D
72 9
Atahan - Last Bus ride and Lecture
Atahan - Last Bus ride and Lecture
73 9
At the border with Turkey and Greece
At the border with Turkey and Greece
74 9 Countryside of Greece

Helen ... talks of Names
Helen ... talks of Names
75 9 Kaval from the road

On the Bus to Kavala
Helen introduces us to Kavala
76 9 City building

Kavala Greece
A walk around the city near to port
77 No no numer 77  
78 10
On the bus to Philippi
Helen talks of Pirates
79 10 Chris' morning lecture On the bus and Chris talks about Paul
and the man from Macedonia
80 10
Continue to Philippi
Helen talks about the Battle of Philippi
81 10 Church at the Baptistry of Lydia

Church at Philippi
Beautiful small church dedicated to Lydia
82 10 Makr at the Baptistry of Lidia

At the Bapistry of  Lydia in Philippi
Mark talks of Lydia at the baptistry
Acts 16
83 10
Linda Moment
Linda's favorite spot is remembered
84 10 Theater in Ancient Philippi

Philippi Theater
Helen shares yet another theater, our first in Greece
85 10 Basilica of St. Paul at Ancient Philippi

Philippi Basilica
Pasilica of St. Paul
86 10 Prision of Philippi

Ancient Site
Possible location of the prison where
Paul and Silas were taken after being beaten.
87 10 Helen explains Philippi

Philippi History
Helen Explains the ancient site of Philippi as we stand on the Via Egnatia. 
88 10 Mark's comments Mark talks of the visit of Paul and Silas
and how Paul used the situation.
89 10 4th Century Church

Philippi 4th Century Church
One of the first and oldest churches dated
90 10 Important Ground in Philippi

At the bema
A 6th Century church is visited
91.0 10 Ancient Via Egnatia

An ancient Road
Via Egnatia - a country side view
91.1 10 Lion

The Lion of Amphipolis.  And ancient
artifact that Paul would have walked by.
92 10 Monasteries Back on the bus. 
Helen talks about Athos and Monasteries
93 10 City of Thessaloniki

Ride continues with information about Thessaloniki
94 10 Walls of Thessaloniki

At the ancient wall
of Thessaloniki
Chad talks about City Walls
95 10 Church of St Demetrius

Church Pt 1
Streets and Church of St. Demetrius, Pt 1.
96 10 Church of St Demetrius Inside

Church Pt 2
Demetrius, Pt 2. - Alexander the Great
97 11 Chris at Berea

Berea Monument
Christ talks about
the Kingdom of Heaven
98 11 Athens

Bus view
Trip into Athens
99 11 Hotel from the bus

Bus trip
Athens and the arrival at the hotel
100 11 Hotel

Our Hotel
at night.
Inside "King George Palace"
101 11 Night view from the Areopagus

Night walk
Mark takes the group on a night walk to
the Areopagus. 
102 12 To the Acropolis Helen explains as we take the trip to
the Acropolis
103 12 Theater

On the walk
We see a theater, tomb, and hear some
history of the Parthenon
104 12 Christian masonery

Nike steps on the way to the Parthenon
105 12 Group picture at the Parthenon

On the Acropolus and touring the Parthenon
106 12 On the Acropolus

A walk
Walking around the Acropolus
Questions answered
107 12 Ancient steps to the Areopagus

Walk continued
Leaving the Acropolus and arriving at
the Areopagus where Paul spoke to the
men of Athens. 
108 12 Mark at the Areopagus

Mark's lesson regarding Paul
109 12 Areopagus

Last looks
Brad is asked a question and
this is his answer
110 12 Chris

At the museum - Chris also talks about Paul's
visit and stay in Athens
111 12 Temple of Hephaistos

A visit to the
Little Temple of Hephaistos
112 13 A race

A race
Visiting the Olympic Stadium
Who can resist racing on the track?
113 13 Athens Tour Bus ride through Athens
on the way to Corinth
114 13 Corinth Canal

A trip to canal
There is a very old canal called the
Canal of Corinth.  Short but very handy.
115 13 A large ship in the Corinth Canal

Corinth Canal
A ships trip through the canal
116 13 On the road to CorinthContinue trip More history while driving to Corinth
117 13 Ancient Corinth

The ancient city of Corinth is explained by Helen
118 13 Corinth

More History
Church and a stadium is explained
119 13 Grain Ball

Mark and a certain person
Mark talks of Sosthenes
Grain ball
120 13 Mark brings Corinth Alive

Mark's Lecture
Mark's final lecture in Greece
brings Corinth Alive
121 13 A walk around with the video camera 

A walk 
A camera view of Corinth
122 13 At the theater location

Corinth also had a theater but there is
unfortunately there is little to see at this one.
123 14 Tour of Rome

On the road again
Rome bus tour
124 14 Chains

Church of St. Peter in Chains
125 14 Arch of Titus

Forum and an Arch
Visit to the Roman Forum, Arch of Titus and the
126 14 Piazzo Navona

A Beautiful Plaza
Piazzo Navona Fountain, and the Pantheon
127 14
La Scala Santa
The Holy Stairs
128 14 St. John Lateran

St. John Lateran
This is the church or Arch Basilica that is the
home church of the Pope to worship within.
129 14 Chris' Devotion At the statue of Assisi across from St. John Lateran
Chris explains St Francis of Assisi.
130 14 A walk in rome
Subway ride and walk into Athens
A ride into the center of town to
visit Mamertine Prison
131 14 Mamertine Prison
An unusual place for worship
Sitting on the steps near the Mamerting Prison
where Paul was for some time we
have a Sunday Evening Service.
132 16 Mark's lecture On the way to Pompeii Mark gives his
final Lecture.  "What he learned."
133 16 Entry to ancient Pompeii
Welcome to the ancient city of Pompeii
134 16 Ancient Pompeii

A city visit
We visit public buildings, and homes
135 16 Temple

A temple and the forum is visited
136 16 Plaster cast of the final moments

Life's last moments for Pompeii citizens
A visit to shops
137 16 Bathhouse

Bath house
A tour of the Thermal Bath House
One of a few buildings with it's roof intact.
138 16 Private home

A family called the building "home."
139 16 An ancient place to eat
"Fast Food Pompeii Style"
A "resturant" that catered to having a quick lunch
on the streets of Pompeii
140 16 Largest buildingLargest Building A temple is seen as the largest building of the tour
141 16 Group picture in the ancient theater

Yes, there is one here too.
142 16 Chris The final devotion of the trip.
"What to do ..."
143 16 Nancy and the Fountain of Trevi Awesome trip's end. A trip into Rome, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain
And a wager on a kiss for Nancy
    That's ALLLLLLL folks  :-D