Day Twelve
 Corinth Canal
Corinth Canal
Cutting Si's hair at Cenchrea, Greece
Cenchrea, Greece
Corinth Pool
Corinth Fountain/Pool

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Lunch at the Corinth Canal
Corinth Canal - Lunch
Corinth Canal
One end to the
Corinth Canal
other end. Very short
Cenchrea Port
Port of Cenchrea
Si's hair cut

Two Marks at Port of Cenchrea
M. Scott & M. Moore
Cenchrea port Acts 18:18b
Before he (Paul) sailed, he had his hair cut off at Cenchrea because of a vow he had taken.
Port of Cenchrea
Acropolis, Corinth, Greece
Acropolis, Corinth
Corinth Acropolus
Close-up Acropolis
A lesson at Corinth
A lesson
Wine or water jug
Corinth Corinth Corinth
Corinth Corinth Anchor
Corinth Building
Terri finds her name TERE Corinth

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