Day Nine
Pella, Greece  Alexander the Great's Birthplace
Pella, Alex the Great
Veria or also know as Berea
Monument - Berea
Monestary at  Meteora
Monastery - Meteora

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City of Pella, Greece -
Pella, Greece -
Alexander the Great's
Birth place.
Pella Jars
Pella jars
Pella floor tile mosaics
Floor tile mosaic
Pella street  
Pella drain
 Pella building tile
Floor tile complete

More information on Alexander the Great
The Tombs of Phillip - Alexander's Father (seen but no pictures allowed)
Berea Monument to Paul
Left panel
  Berea Monument to Paul
Monument to Paul
Paul in Berea
Acts 17:10-14
Berea Monument to Paul
Right panel
Berea Monument to Paul Group at Berea, Greece Monument Sign
Sign to explain  Group in Berea  Sign

For more information regarding Berea
Metoria Monastery
Metoria Monastery
Meteora Monastery
St. Barbara's Garden
Garden from bridge
Meteora, Greece

Home to several Monasteries for both men and women.
We visited St. Barbara Monastery
 St. Barbara from the path
St. Barbara Monastery for women.
 St. Barbara from trail
A trail view of
St. Barbara's
Monastery view 
 St. Barbara vies
A view looking down from the trail.
Another view 
 Hike up and down
Steps up to the bridge to the front door.

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