Day Two - 2009
Tansu at Topkapi
Hollow Tree at Topakpi Palace
An interesting tree
The Martins
The Martins take a break

Rome proved to be more of a challenge for a few of us than necessary.  Mark M. was leading the pack, but some other passengers managed to get between us.  Like lemurs, we followed them right out of the secure area, acquiring stamps in our passports that we would not otherwise have had.  It took a bit of time to find our way back through customs and to the correct waiting area.  We swore not to tell ... but that didn't last long.  It would seem we had been spotted going the wrong way.  A tale to tell, the start of many memories.   

After the layover in Rome, Italy, we boarded for a fairly short trip on our second flight of the long day for Istanbul, Turkey.  

Once again, Mark M. lead us through the proper gates, past another check of the passport and to the street ... to officially begin our adventure. 

Tansu greeted us on the bus.  Then explained that our itinerary had changed and we would be visiting "The Sultans Palace" also known as Topkapi Palace.  Topkapi would be closed the next day due to a holiday, so in order to get it on the schedule she had switched it with the Church of Chora tour.

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The Bosphorus from Topkapi
The Bosphorus

Entryway Topkapi
Ceiling Ornament
Ceiling Ornament
Suntian's Bed
The Sultan's bed
Gazebo & Nunnallys
Baghdad Kiosk
One of many structures
Cistern under the walk
Water collection ridges for a cistern below.
Mark and Linda
Mark explains ...
but what????
More Palace
Still at Topkapi

Beautiful detail
A tree at Topakpi
A palace view

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Getting off to a good start for a great adventure.