Day Seven

 Trojan Horse

Grain and Olive Oil Jars
Wine jugs for storage
Group leaving the Turkish Sites
Departing Group

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Trojan Horse from the front
Trojan Horse
for fun, anyone? 
Troy Picture
Drawing of Troy
Brick Wall Troy
Ancient Brick wall, Troy
Archaeological Troy
Ancient Troy walls
Nine levels of Ancient Troy
Schliemann's Trench
Atroy level
Troy Altar

For more information about Troy 
For more information about Schliemann
Read Homer's Iliad - Tells the story of Troy

Freighter from Ferry
Passing a Freighter
Ferry view
Shore line from Ferry
Jelly Fish
Lots of Jelly Fish seen
Moore family on Ferry
Moore family, Ferry
Mark Scott Devotion Kavla, Greece
Mark Scott - Devotion
Kavla Shore from Hotel
Kavla, Greece