Mark Moore
Mark Moore
Ozark Christian College
Faculty - New Testament & Hermeneutics
Mark Scott
Mark Scott
Ozark Christian College
Academic Dean
Faculty - Preaching &
New Testament

Linda Shanks
Franklin Ave Christian Church
Youth Teacher
Publisher of
Bible Study for Kids . com

When people come together, things happen.  When God brings people together lives change. 

I can only write this from my perspective.  Therefore it is my testimonial as to how I came to be part of the Ozark Christian College "Paul's Journeys" tour.  A trip that would take two weeks, span two continents, three countries, and include more stops than seemed possible when reading the itinerary.

I first heard about the trip from Mark Moore while standing under a tree, on a mountain side at NYR (Nationwide Youth Roundup) in Colorado,  as I eves dropped on a conversation he was having with someone else.  Originally I had a question for him after attending the first adult class on I Peter that he was teaching.  I no longer know what that question was ... it went right out of my head as I heard God say ... "You are going."  It truly was one of those heavenly "Ahhhhhhhhh" moments.  And even though, at that time, I really did not know just "where" I was going ... I knew, I would be on that trip.        

There are 35 other reasons as to why this group came together.  It was put together by Mark M. and he is by and large the reason several were on the trip.  He is an awesome speaker and passionate teacher for the Lord.  His students know for a fact that it takes 2 days just to get past the title of the book of "Acts." 

Mark Scott is also just as accomplished as a speaker and teacher and greatly appreciated by those who have heard him and attended his classes.  He provided a daily devotion during this trip that enhanced our site experiences no end. 

I will never read the experiences of Paul in the same way I did before.  When you can actually walk the streets where Paul and other Apostles walked, the Bible just speaks in a different way.  I've heard other people say that, and you really can't know that, until you experience it.   

Love you much,