Day Fourteen

Basilica of St. Peter in chains
Basilica of St. Peter
in Chains
Colesseum at night




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Sunday, June 3
Today's Activities

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Basilica of St. Peter in Chains - Rome
Basilica St Peter
Chains Close up Chains

Colosseum and Arch of Titus
Colosseum Arch Titus Colosseum
Inside Colosseum Center Colosseum

Piazzo Navona and Pantheon
Center of the plaza
Fountan of 4 rivers
Four Rivers Fountain
Outside Pantheon
Dome Pantheon dome opening. Panthenon

St. John Lateran
St. John Lateran Inside Lateran Altar Lateran

Evening service at Mamertine
Mamerinum Mamertine Figures on the doors