Day Six

Reading an inscription
Reading an inscription in Hierapolis

Laodicea Temple floor through the glass.
Temple floor through glass, Laodicea
Temple of Artemis
Temple of Artemis


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Saturday, May 26
Today's Activities
Hierapolis (Pamukkale means Cotton Castle)
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Ancient road through an ancient cemetary
Ancient road in an ancient cemetary.  The rectangles are tombs. 

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Road and tombs
View along the road in Hierapolis
Arched tomb
Arched tomb
Into the city of Hierapolis
Arches of Hierapolis
Theater of Hierapolis

Hierapolis information
Water flow into the pools
Natural spring water flow into the pools
Travertine pools
Yesterday's picture was looking up from the road past the island.
A view from the patio
Travertine pools from Hierapolsi
Standing on the edge.  It's a long way down, but sloped with pools 
Its so bib
On the edge of forever.
On the other side of the valley to far side is Laodicea and Colossi.

Pamukkale site information
Laodicea street
Road to the temple
Temple level
Steps to the temple
Temple from a glass roof
View of the temple floor though a glass floor.
The mineral formation of Hierapolis
The white spot in the far distance on the hillside is Hierapolis
More runins of Laodicea
More ruins of Laodicea
The glass floor
The amazing floor that covers the temple site.

Laodicea web site information
Sardis Street Corner with shops
Sardis street corner with shops.
Walkway to the synagogue at the entrance
Walk way to the entrance of the synagogue in Sardis 
An altar in the synagogue
A table or altar in the synagogue, with eaglesand lions.
Gymnasium from the synagogue
Gymsasium in close proximity, as seen from the synagogue 
Gymnasium for the training of men for the military. 

Bathing pool on the back side of the Gym. 
Temple of Artemis, Sardis
Temple of Artemis 
Sardis.  Note the two standing pillars in relation to other pictures.
Showing size of pillar base
Showing the size of a pillar base.  
Temple view from the back