Day Twelve

Park outside hotel
Park next to Hotel
Athens Beauty
Street Beauty
Parlement Changing of the Guard
Changing the Guard
Parliament Building


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Friday, June 1
Today's Activities

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Ready for a long day.
On the Bus again.
Athens here we come!
Athen ruins

Walk up to and the visit of the Acropolus
For more information on the Acropolus click on the link
Looking down at the Theater from walkway.
Looking up at a temple
Looking up at a Temple
from the walkway.
Still climbing
The line to go through the gates.
Almost there
Almost there!!!
Finally, "the" Parthenon
Another view
Another view

Temple of Erechtheion
Christian era
What era???
Christian rubble masonery.
Block detail

Stone detail
Another look
Listening in the sun.
Areopagus from the Acropolus
Areopagus from the Acropolus
Group photo
Group phot

Areopagus - Mars Hill click for more information
Coming from the Acropolus
Areopagus coming from the Acropolus
Greek Plaque explaining the site
"It's Greek to me."
Ancient steps
Ancient steps
Paul would climb these
Rocky ground
Rocky ground
worn smooth
Made it.  proof ......  
Next step
Sitting on the edge!!! 
Mark's Lesson from the Areopagus 

Lesson from the top.
  More from Mark

Morre high points. 
City View

City view 

City view 

Agora and Museum