Day Four

Balloon ride over Cappodicia
Hot Air Balloon Ride over volcanic formations.
Unusual Formations
Formations are called
Fairy Chimneys
Being seated
Dervish Usher seating
another group


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Thursday, May 24
Todays' Activities

Hot Air Balloon Ride for 8 of our group
Tour the Cappadocia Fairy Chimney Communities
Local Turkish Carpet Factory - No real flying carpets though   :-(  
Local Pottery Factory
Whirling Dervish Ceremony

in that
Hot Air Balloon Ride
over Fairy Chimneys

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Balloon Captain
Captain Ulusoy
Up or Down???
Flying High
A sister balloon
Tour Group

Royal Balloon Flights
Hidden rooms
Open rooms due to earthquakes
More rooms
Part of a Community
Cappadocia walking
What would it be like?
Damaged structure
St Basil
St. Basil Chapel
looking out
From the inside

Zelve Museum that we visited.
Colored wools
Colored wools
Carpet Instructor
Dying wool is exlained
Silk worm bath
Silk worm bath
Ladies tying knots
The ladies are tying knots one at a time.
Show Room
And the show begins...ammm sale begins.  :-D
Flying carpet
Show Room and the "flying" carpet demo.

Information about the carpets
Potter Omurlu ceramics
Written on the wall is the name of the shop.
Atahan Pottery Wheel
Atahan at the Pottery Wheel
Painting a Plater
Painting a Platter
Pottery Store
Pottery Store

Omurlu Ceramics
Dervish Courtyard
Dervish Courtyard
Dervish Courtyard
Dervish Courtyard
Dervish Book cover
Dervish Book Cover
Waiting in the rain
Waiting to be ushered into the building,  RAIN!!!
Being seated
Mark and Barbara being seated.
Arches and ceiling
No pictures allowed during the ceremony.  For more information on the ceremoney we saw click here.