Day Nine

Red poppy
Food Flowers


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Tuesday, May 29
Today's Activities -
Dardanelles Strait
Good bye Atahan
Atahan Good bye
Dinner the night before -
Mark's book given to Atahan.  Signed by all.

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Last minutes with Atahan


A balcony view
A last trip in turkey
A view out the bus window
Shopping for Turkish Delight
Shopping for Turkish Delight
On the frerry
On the ferry crossing the Dardanelles Straight
Eleanor and Gail
Gail and Eleanor
Jelly fish
Jelly Fish in the middle of the picture.

One ship to another

The ramp off ...

The way off the ferry

Dardanelles Straight

What a trip!!!
Last group photo in Turkey
Last Group photo in Turkey
A Hug for Atahan
A Nancy hug

Our driver. 

Great name!!!

Thanks for the safe trip!!!

A walk in Kavala
A walk in Kavala
Kavla Church
Church in Kavala
View of Kavla

City view
Building in Kavala Sunset in Kavala
Sunset in Kavala
Kaval at night
Night time view