Day Eight

Pergamum - A raindy day mountain view.
Mark and the pillar
Double snake, symbol of  Physicans.
Alexandria Troas
Alexandria Troas
A port for Paul.


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Monday, May 28
Today's Activities
Asklepion - a healing place
Alexandria Troas

Buying umbrellas and rain gear
Umbrellas up.  Forward march!

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A rainy lecture
Trajan Temple Mount
Trajan Temple Mount
Theater walk down
Look out for those steps in the theater.
A ride down the mountain
A ride down the mountain in a tram car, no taxi.

Pergamum Information
Asklepion Street
Asklepion Street
A wellness center
Medical symbol
Pillar with the symbol of the Asclepion
Physican symbol today
Double wall

Double wall to keep out sound, especially that of the theater 
Theater of white stone
Theater with white stones
Hall way to the sleeping chambers
The hospital.

More about the Asclepions of Medicine.
Asclepion of Pergamum
Troas Beach
Troas Beach 
Lecture on the beach
Lecture time - Acts 15 and Act 16
Relax and enjoy
What a way to end the day. 
Fun time
Brad, just hanging around. 
It's Paul's port of departure in Acts
Paul's Port of departure in Acts 20:5
Another continent in site
Looking westward towards another continent.  

Alexandria Troas