Day Two

A greeting sign
Rome - Greeted by an
attendent, we are escorted to our Istanbul connection.
Off the plane
Istanbul - walking to a terminal bus.
Hatay Airport
Hatay Airport
Next stop, Antioch and the hotel!!!


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Tuesday, May 22
Today's Activities merged with day one since the date changed mid flight from Chicago to Rome.
Traveled by Air from Rome, Italy to Istanbul and on to Antioch, Turkey
A very LONG day indeed.

Walking to the Hatay Terminal

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Our plane
A last look at a plane for several days!!!
We have arrived. 
Group picture at Hatay Airport
First group picture
First picture out of bus window
On the BUS.  YEA!!!
Atahan greeting
Atahan Greeting
Trip into town
Close to the hotel
View from window
View from hotel window
Everyone is ready to eat!!!
View out the window.
Rest, relaxation and a walk.  Some found a Gelato shop down the street from the hotel for the final treat of the day, to start an adventure to remember for a lifetime.