Day 6
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Inspecting Hierapolis tombs
Checking out a tomb inscription.
32 Atahan explains Hierapolis from the cemetary entrance.

12 Min  28 sec   103MB
Hierapolis tour
33 Atahan, More on the cemetary, Roman bath turned into a church, latrine, covered streets

17 Min   45 Sec    146 MB
Hierapolis ruins
More ruins
34 Atahan, discusses the Agora, a game, fountain, aquaduct

6 Min   59 Sec    57 MB
Hot Water and beautiful scenery.
35 Pamukkale Travertines.  Hierapolis was famous for its hot waters and is
mentioned in the Bible.  A walk in the waters. 

10 Min   28 Sec     85 MB
Hierapolis Theater
The Theater
36 Atahan explains the theater at the Hierapolis that goes back to the 6th century BC.

12 Min   52 Sec     106 MB
Laodicea Temple
37 Atahan explains Laodicea

9 Min   21Sec     76 MB
Chris and Kevin
Chris' lecture
38 Chris with a message, Kevin explains the metaphors of the scripture.
Andy leads a song "Something About that Name."

13 Min   5 Sec     106 MB
Synagogue, Sardis
Seating in the
39 Atahan in the Synagogue of Sardis

7 Min   14 Sec     59 MB
Mark Lecture Synagogue
Mark lecture
40 Mark with a message in the Synagogue of Sardis

4 Min   13 Sec     35 MB
Text in the Gym
41 Atahan and Mark discuss the Gymnasium
What are the words that are aboute the pillars?

10 Min   33 Sec     86 MB
Temple of Artemis
Temple of Artemis with the little church at the back behind pillars.
42 Atahan and Mark discuss the Temple of Artemis, Sardis

8 Min   49 Sec     72 MB
Temple of Sardis
43 Mark and Atahan discuss the Goddess Artemis.

5 Min   30 Sec     44 MB
window view

A song in a 4th century church.
44 Mark (repeat of part of 42) shares about the Church
"How Great Thou Art"
(This STILL gives me goosebumps!!! - Linda)

3 Min   58 Sec     32 MB