Day 16
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Mt. Vesuvius
Mt. Vesuvius

Not smoke, just
Mark's final Lecture on the bus.
What he learned about Paul on this trip.
Pompey entrance
On the bridge
entering a tunnel
to Pompey proper
133 Welcome to Pompey

Everyday life
in the city.
134 Public buildings and homes
What a view this temple had of the mountain.
A temple and the forum
Storage and plaster casts 

Not a statue
136 Shops along the forum
A storage area where many artificts are kept
including plaster casts of the last moments of Pompey citizens.
Thermal bath house
Hot and
cold water
bathsOur Biblical Journey
137 A thermal bath house
Private home

Room, mosaics
a courtyard.
138 A private home for those who could afford it.
A spot for a Pompey Lunch

Resturant for
a quick lunch.
139 A Pompey version of  'fast food' of ancient times.
A close up of a plaster cast seen in a plastic display

The Temple of
A temple and the largest building found in Pompey
Group picture

One more time
guys.  :-)
141 Pompey Theater and our
last "group picture."
Country around Pompeii

Outside the walls,
Chris' final devotion on the bus.
Nancy at Trevi Fountain
 Make a wish
and toss a coin,
then come back someday.
Last night of the tour
Back into Rome ...
The Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and
The $40 kiss(es) for Nancy.  Yes, No ... ???