Day 7
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  Video Contents
Trojan Horse
Tansu -
Troy's History
58 Start with the bus ride, a look at a Trojan Horse and the history of Troy. 
Is the Trojan Horse fact or a fable? 
Tansu and Ancient Troy 59 The walking tour around the archaeological site.  See the different ages or levels of Troy. 
Tansu - WWI 60 A world history lesson 
Mark Scott 61 A devotion about "Family."
View from the ferry     Ferry ride 62 A boat ride from Asia to Europe crossing boundaries of two continents while still in Turkey.
Mark Moore 63 The book of ACTS
Final moments in Turkey    
Alexandria 64 History of the area
Alexandria 65 Tour to Kavala
Mark S in Kavla  Mark Scott 66 A devotion on the "Holy Spirit."

Group leaving the Turkish Sites

Tansu is next to Mark Moore - 2nd row.
Bus Driver and his son who served drinks and snacks - 1st row right.
Thank you!!!  
  A transfer from the Turkish tour team
to a bus that will take us across the border to meet up with the Greek tour team and another bus. 

Our first week is over and it has been one filled with awesome sights and adventures.

Greece and Italy - week two.