Day 4
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Temple of Artemis

Izmir &
Sardis - Part 1
14 Tansu talks about Polycarp and the Church in Sardis.
Bus trip to Sardis and the Temple of Artemis / Diana
Mark Moore - Lesson 15
Mark Moore talks about
Revelation and the Church at Smyrna.
Mark Scott's Devotion
16 "Testimony"
Byzantine church

Sardis - Part 2
17 Visit the ancient church in Sardis (Sardes).  More views of the Temple. 
Gym Practice Field

Sardis - Part 3
18 Tansu explains the pool, gym and the training field
Inside Synagogue

Mark Moore
19 Mark talks about the relationship of the gymnasium and the synagogue being
so close together. 
Philadelphia, both gate pillars

20 Tansu explains the Philadelphia archaeology
Mark Moore - Lesson 21 Mark Moore and the Church at Philadelphia
Laodicea Group picture

22 Tansu explains the lack of archaeology at this site
and what the future holds.
Mark Moore - Lesson 23 Mark Moore and the Church at Laodicea
Mark Scott - Devotion 24 Mark Scott - talks about the different 3:16 verses in the Bible.
(Note - Wind is very obvious in this video.)