Day 8
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Bus and driver

Mark and Chris
57 On the Bus to Pergamum,  Mark and the shipwreck of St. Paul ... and Chris
talks about hello and good-bye. 

9 Min  - 13 Sec  76 Mb 

Rainy ride to the top of a mountain.
58 A rainy ride up a mountain side.
To get to the top of the Temple Mount of Pergamum, one must ride a tram, but the museum had no electricity due to a storm that was going through the area.  So Atahan called for 7 taxies to get us all to the ancient temple. 

6 Min  - 42 Sec  53 Mb 
Inscription intrepretation
59 Mark investigates another inscription
and shares what it meant to the Jewish and Christian communities.
Then standing on the Trajan Temple Mount, Atahan explains the site.
Forgive the rain and my narration.   

8 Min  - 42 Sec  70 Mb 
Under the Trajan Temple Mount

Hop, skip
JUMP.  Whew!!!

60 We decend to the lower level of the temple mount.
Arches that supported the temple and chambers
were where the priests were taking the gifts and accepting them.
But no one really was prepaired to walk
through the pools and puddles.  There is no trip quite like this one.   

6 Min  - 3 Sec  49 Mb 

61 Pergamum Theater - Atahan will explain is history and size. 
Michael explains the scriptures in relationship to Revelation. 

It was while decending the steep steps of the theater that our "lovely lady Eleanor" slipped and fell on her wrist.  With little complaint she was taken to the hospital and joined us later in a cast.  

 17 Min  - 17 Sec  141 Mb 
Tree at the site of the Temple of Zeus

Temple of Zeus
62 Temple of Zeus
Mark takes Atahans place and the tour continues. 
Min  - 11 Sec  132 Mb 
Explaining the snake symbol of doctors

What is it
all about?
63 Asklepion - A wellness center.  Mark explains where we are and what this site is about.
Streets and snake symbols. 

13 Min  -  Sec  106 Mb 
Theater with white stones

64 Asklepion Theater
Chad talks about "white stones"

8 Min  - 12 Sec  67 Mb 
Entrance to the Sleeping Chamber

The "Sleeping Chambers"
65 The "Sleeping Chambers"
Mark demonstrates how the sleeping chambers could
have the sound of running water and music.

Note, the people in the distance are standing next to holes in the roof?
What is about to happen? 

5 Min  - 1 Sec  40 Mb 
Hospital area

66 Hospital and a Prayer for Eleanor who is being checked out in a hospital.

5 Min  - 43 Sec  45 Mb 
Port of Troas

Breakwater in
Alexandria Troas
Another trip on the bus ... Mark gives dates for Acts.

24 Min  - 12 Sec  200 Mb 
Mark on the beach

Paul's debate
68 Mark's lecture on Acts 15 & 16  on the beach
of Troas

This one is windy ... sorry!

24 Min  - 9 Sec  199 Mb 
Eleanor is back

Eleanor is back
and we are grateful
69 A last look at a sunset on Asia Minor
And by the "Amazing Grace" of God Eleanor is back and ready for the
rest of the trip.   Truly amazing and full of grace.  :-D

Eleanor this is for you. 

4 Min  - 35 Sec  35 Mb