Day 3
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Sarcophagus at Antioch Museum
Antioch Museum Part 1

003 Atahan explains the history of the area and what is in the museum
and the sarcophagus we are standing by.   Mark Moore also has some comments about the "flesh eater". brazilian hair

 13 Min  - 50 Sec  112 Mb 
Inside Museum at Antioch

Antioch Museum Part 2
004 A walk through the museum.  Note: There is a lot of noise on the sound track due to the amount of people
in the museum.  And the rooms were large and there is some echo.  :-(  Sorry. 

11 Min  - 41 Sec  96 Mb 
Cave Church of St. Peter
Church of St. Peter
005 Atahan explains the history of The Church of St. Peter in Antioch, Turkey

4 Min  - 27 Sec  36 Mb 
Inside the Church of St. Peter
Why is Antioch important
006 Inside The Church of St. Peter at Antioch, Mark Moore explains why Antioch is so
important to Christianity.  Chris Dewelt explains the Missionary movement. 

19 Min  - 12 Sec  158 Mb 
St. Paul's Well
Saul of Tarsus
007 Mark Moore talks about Saul of Tarsus and the Apostle Paul.
Location is at the "Well of St. Paul"in Tarsus, Turkey

25 Min  -  Sec  207 Mb 
Getting water from the well.
Some fun at the "Well of St. Paul"
008 A guide draws water from the well for a taste, finger dip, etc.

4 Min  - 18 Sec  33 Mb 
A Call to Prayer
009 Atahan talks about Prayer in Turkey
From the bus.

12 Min  - 47 Sec  104 Mb 
View from hotel window of the city
Life in Turkey
010 Atahan talks about living in Turkey, Ceremonies, etc.
From the bus.

11 Min  - 37 Sec  96 Mb 
An Arch
011 What citizenship meant to the Apostle Paul

4 Min  - 4 Sec  33 Mb 
Along the road
Turkish Mountains
12 Video Clip of Mountains out the bus window

2 Min  - 5 Sec  17 Mb