Day 8
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  Video Contents
Mark Moore 67 A Jewish Prayer
Mark Moore 68 Jews Didn't Like to Swim in ancient days
      Alexandria 69 Trip to Philippi
Philippi Theater    Alexandria 70 Philippi Theater
Alexandria and Mark Moore 71 Basilica at Philippi and commentary on Luke
Traditional Prison    Mark Moore 72 Prison of Philippi - Traditional site of Paul and Silas's imprisonment.
Via Ignatia     Alexandria and Mark Moore 73 Via Egnatia and the Forum area.  The beating took place here.
Mark Moore 74 Continue the Ancient Phillip history
Oldest Church - 7 preachers     Alexandria 75 Roman history with Philippi and a look at the oldest church. 
Mark Moore at Philippi     Mark Moore 76 Sunday Worship Service at the river of Lydia's baptism.
Mark Moore 77 The rest of Herod the Greats story
Lion of Amphipolis     Mark Moore 78 The lion at Amphipolis, Act 17:1
Lynn at Apollonia  Lynn Ragsdale 79 A preaching place, Apollonia, Acts 17:1
Mark Moore 80 Paul in Thessaloniki (Thessalonica)