Day 5
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Hierapolis travertines

thermal pools.
25 A visit to the Pamukkale Thermals - a socks off experience like no other.
 Ancient Hierapolis, Turkey
Mark Scott - Devotion 26 Mark's Devotion
 "I know you have little strength."  
Mark Moore, Lesson 27 Mary and her role in the Church.
On the road to Ephesus 28 Aqueduct,  Tansu explains what is being seen and what is to be seen. 
One of the 7 wonders of antiquity - The temple of Artemis, the largest temple. 
Ephesus Map 29 Tansu stands at a 3D map of Ephesus and explains the various
ages of Ephesus.
St. John Church, Ephesus

Church of St. John and the layout.
30 How the 6th century basilica or Church of St. John is laid out.
It is built over a 4th century church. 
The first church with his name was built over his grave some years after his death. 
So at least 3 structures have been at this location.  
Mark Moore, Lesson 31 A lesson on the Christians at Ephesus.
St, John Tour 32 Overall view of the the church, St. John's tomb and ancient baptistery.
Ephesus Explained 33 At the entrance of ancient Ephesus, Tansu explains some of the history and the layout of the site.
Ephesus Archaeology 34 Tansu explains the archaeology of Ephesus and how some things change as
new discoveries are made. 
Odeon 35 The location of the Senate. 
Built in the first century, and is the likely location of
where the city clerk and others would have discussed the riot situation (Acts 19) before he
spoke to the crowd in the theater. 
State Agora 36 The location of political activity and upper class shops - the Temple of Domitian
Curetes Street

Curretes Street
37 From the State Agora to the Celsus Library
Celsus Library, Ephesus

Library of Celsus
38 A beautiful structure build in the second century.
For the tour of following in Paul's footsteps ... this structure was not on location in Paul's time. 
The synagogue is also featured in this video as it's location was not too far from the the commercial Agora or market place. 
Ephesus Theatre

39 The location of the riot in Acts 19.   It was large enough to hold 25,000 people. 
Paul wanted to address the crowd, but the disciples and officials would not let him. 
Visit Mary's House

House of Mary
40 An Ephesus tradition indicates that this is the location where Mary spent her last years.
Jesus gave John instruction to take care of his mother and tradition says that
she came with him as he located in Ephesus. 
    A lovely day was had by all, and this visit was my favorite.  I hope to return there someday
 as so much of the site was missed.
For Example --
The Double Church of the Virgin Mary is located to what was then the harbor and is dated to the 2nd century.  It was the location of the 3rd Ecumenical Counsel at which the divine nature of Christ and Mary were discussed.