Day three
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3 Tansu teaches
a lesson about the Turkish language.

Mark S.
4 While on the bus headed for the Spice Market, Mark gives a devotion on Paul's version of walking.  "Walk this way."
Nuts and candies
Spice Bazaar,
5 A visit to a fantastic place to shop.

Spices, healing herbs, cheese, dried meat, jam, nuts, Turkish Delight, sponges, oriental perfumes ... plus flower markets, a pet shop,  and behind the shop peddlers and exhibitions. 
Wihelm Foundain
Tansu explains the Hippodrome.

Wilhelm Fountain
6 From the German or Kaiser Wilhelm Fountain
Tansu and Mark M. explains the
Hippodrome -"The Sultan
Ahmet Square"
Column of Constantine
Walking the Hippodrome

Column of
7 "The heart of Old Town" ...The Hippodrome was a 'U' shaped race track and could seat 30,000 spectators in 40 rows of seats.  Although no longer there, many other artifacts remain. 
Egyptian Obelisk - Serpentine Column
Column of Constantine - Kaiser Wilhelm Fountain 
Gateway of the Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque Explained

Entry Gate
As we observe the outside of the Blue Mosque or the
Sultan Ahmet Mosque Tansu explains the history and
structure of the building.
Inside Blue Mosque
Inside the
Blue Mosque

9 Begun in 1609 and finished in 1616, the  Sultan Ahmet Mosque is the last impressive structure of the Ottoman religious architecture. 
Known as "The Blue
Mosque" it derives its color from tiles and embellishments, mostly done in blue and green. 
Aya Sophia Outside
Aya Sophia
Part One
10 Aya Sophia (or Hagia Sophia) is one of the oldest churches in existence,
although today is a museum.  Constructed in 535 and it served as a church for 916 years. 
Aya Sophia inside
Aya Sophia
Part Two
11 The best construction materials were brought to the city.  For 5 years, 100 master and 10,000 laborers worked on the construction. 

Four green granite columns on both sides of the nave were brought from the Harbor Gymnasium in Ephesus. 
Mark Moore gives a Lesson on Church Councils
Mark M. speaks
the Council of
12 A Lesson. 

During our visit to Aya Sophia we climbed to
the gallery where Mark explained the reasons for the meetings of the
Council of Churches.  Aya Sophia was the location of the 5th
Church of Chora
Church of Chora
13 Another awesome church structure built in the 4th century. 

Even more beautiful mosaics.