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"From Home to Rome"
May 21 - June 6, 2012
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Two FANTASTIC Trips Featured here ...
to Turkey, Greece and Italy following
"In the Footsteps of Paul"

Both the 2009 and 2012 trips featured sites visited by the Apostle Paul on his three mission trips.  You can't get any closer than this unless you go there.

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This page features the 2009 trip ...
"The Seven Churches of Revelation"
May 17 - May 31, 2009.
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( As of August 21, 2012 the site is being updated to
include pictures and the video from the 2012 trip.

Group Ephesus Library
Library steps, Ephesus
Group Laodicea
City Gate - Laodicea
Church steps in Rome
Church steps, Rome

The Journeys of Paul - 2009 and 2012

Come follow us in the footsteps of Paul.  The very top webpage pictures are of biblical locations still in existence  where Paul walked and depending on the guide - the possible steps of a synagogue in Ephesus, Turkey; the Via Egnatia, in Philippi, Greece; the Areopagus (Mars Hill) Athens, Greece; the streets of Corinth, Greece; and the Mamertine Prison, Rome, Italy. 

The 2009 tour was about discovering the Seven Churches in Revelation and how they were part of Paul's mission tour.   While the churches in Revelation referred to the people/christians as the church ... there were and still are standing church buildings in some of the existing cities and archaeological sites of today. 

The 2012 tour for me was "the rest of the story" and started in Paul's home town of Tarsus.  Actually we landed in Antioch next to the border of Syria,  where Saul and Barnabas were called upon by the Holy Spirt and sent to Cyprus and thus began the first mission trip.   (Acts 13:2)

Other pictures of both trips will be featured throughout the pages of this site.  The Via Egnatia was especially nice to be walking on and it was just as nice the second time as it was the first.   If you stepped on enough of the original stones ... well, you truly could step on a stone that Paul and other disciples had walked on.   We were 1900 plus years too late to meet with them, but this was the next best thing.  By reading Paul's words and then being there, brought a whole new appreciation for his travels and to his words .   Awesome!

These kinds of experiences were felt through out both trips.  Between Mark Moore and the guides, surprises were abundant. The trips were greatly filled with blessings, laughter and love.   One such surprise was the Tomb of
Phillip II, Alexander the Great's father and a Sunday Church service at the river where Lydia was baptized, to name two.  

The pages to the right will give you a brief view of what we saw in pictures.  Check out the video pages for the days to see the video for the day. 

Mark Scott speaking at the Bema in Athens.
Mark S. - Bema or the speakers podium, Athens, Greece
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Mark S.  Mark M.
Church of St. John.
Ephesus, Turkey
Tansu, Turkey guide
Our Guide, Turkey
Red Poppy Alexandria, Greek guide
Our Guide, Greece
Buried city gate  Rome Guide
Our Guide, Rome
Church of Chora
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